Associate User Researcher


As a trainee in an entry-level role, working with more experienced user researchers, you will need to have an understanding of the role and show potential, although you will need guidance and training to produce good work and develop your skills.

Behavioural Skills

Title Details
Verbal Expression Communicating effectively using the spoken word.
Written Expression Communicating effectively in writing, such as reports and via emails.
Teamwork Working collaboratively with others to achieve a common goal.


Title Details
Security Awareness Tools and techniques to help users and employees understand the role they play in helping to combat information security breaches and for IT and security professionals to prevent and mitigate risk.

Professional Development Activity (PDA)

Title Details PDA Group
Participation in Group Activities Participating in group activities inside or outside of the working environment that can assist with the development of interpersonal skills. Broadening Activities
Job Shadowing and Special Assignments Undertaking temporary periods or secondments in other roles, inside or outside IT, particularly those that offer a new perspective on own function or exposure to other environments and cultures. Broadening Activities
Gaining Knowledge of Activities of Employing Organisation Developing an understanding of the potentially diverse range of activities (service, governance, administrative, regulatory, commercial, charitable, industrial, etc.) undertaken by the employing organisation. Increasing Knowledge
Gaining Knowledge of Surrounding Technical Areas Gaining knowledge of IT activities in employing organisation external to own function. Increasing Knowledge
Involvement in Professional Body Activities Attending meetings, seminars and workshops organised by professional body and reading published material, such as journals and web content. Participation in Professional Activities
Time Management Undertaking learning and practice in the planning and organising of own activities. Developing Professional Skills
Team Working Undertaking learning and practice in the techniques of team and collaborative working. Gaining an understanding of the underlying concepts. Developing Professional Skills
Communications Undertaking learning and practice in oral and written communications, including report writing and presentation. Developing Professional Skills

Organisational Skill Name and Description

Framework Skill Level
Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

Analysis and synthesis

Analysis and insight involves examining, interpreting and analysing data to help make informed decisions.

Awareness Analysis and synthesis

You can: show an awareness of the need for careful analysis of research data to produce clear findings

Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

Inclusive research

Incident management involves coordinating the response to incident reports, ensuring effective prioritisation, investigation and resolution.

Awareness Inclusive research

You can: demonstrate some awareness of the diversity of users of government services and the need to make government services usable and accessible for everyone

Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework


Requirements definition and management involves identifying and validating user or business requirements for a product or service.

Awareness Research

You can: show some understanding of basic user research methods

Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

Society and technology

Service support involves fixing service faults and maintaining the underlying infrastructure, ensuring processes are in place to keep the service running efficiently.

Awareness Society and technology

You can: show an awareness of the social and technological context of government services understand the importance of understanding the life and work of users to design and deliver effective services

Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

Strategic insight

Strategy involves creating a plan to achieve a team or organisation's objectives.

Awareness Strategic insight

You can: show an awareness of the need to align user research with team goals to support decision making and action

Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

Technical understanding (user-centred design)

Performance measurement involves collecting and interpreting data to identify how a team, product or service is performing.

Awareness Technical understanding (user-centred design)

You can: demonstrate some knowledge of the technologies and roles within a digital team

Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

User-centred and Agile practices

Awareness User-centred and Agile practices

You can: show some understanding of user-centred service design and delivery practices

Qualification Components

Title Awarding Bodies
FEDIP Associate Practitioner The Federation for Informatics Professionals

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