Associate Content Designer


As a trainee in an entry-level position, working under supervision, you need aptitude, potential and an understanding of the role. You will perform basic standard checks and copy edits.

Work Activity Components

Title Details
Moderation and standards (Level 1) Executes pre-planned testing activities under supervision, recording findings.

Behavioural Skills

Title Details
Attention to Detail Applying specific quality standards to all tasks undertaken to ensure that deliverables are accurate and complete.
Verbal Expression Communicating effectively using the spoken word.
Written Expression Communicating effectively in writing, such as reports and via emails.
Teamwork Working collaboratively with others to achieve a common goal.

Technical Skills

Title Details Depth
Web Specifics Knowledge of web specific file extensions, Web 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 and other latest standards/ practices. Use of multimedia and Active-X controls. Understanding of the nature of browsers and how to design cross-browser layouts. Effective knowledge of metadata (e.g. tags, XML) and related aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Aware of
Information and Data Visualisation/Presentation The ability to visualise and present information and data in an appropriate format that helps stakeholders understand the significance of the information and data. Aware of


Title Details
Application Development Tools Software tools that automate or assist the whole development life-cycle, for example IDEs (Integrated Development Environments), Visual studio, etc.
Database Software Software that enables the design, creation, population and manipulation of logical and physical data structures and databases for the storage, distribution, data warehousing and mining.
Security Awareness Tools and techniques to help users and employees understand the role they play in helping to combat information security breaches and for IT and security professionals to prevent and mitigate risk.
Graphic Design and Web Development Tools and techniques for graphic design, user interface design (UI design), content authoring using standardised code and proprietary software, user experience design (UX design), web development and search engine optimisation.

Professional Development Activity (PDA)

Title Details PDA Group
Participation in Group Activities Participating in group activities inside or outside of the working environment that can assist with the development of interpersonal skills. Broadening Activities
Job Shadowing and Special Assignments Undertaking temporary periods or secondments in other roles, inside or outside IT, particularly those that offer a new perspective on own function or exposure to other environments and cultures. Broadening Activities
Gaining Knowledge of Employing Organisation Gaining basic knowledge of the employing organisation, its business, structure, culture, policies, products/services, operations and terminology. Increasing Knowledge
Gaining Knowledge of Surrounding Technical Areas Gaining knowledge of IT activities in employing organisation external to own function. Increasing Knowledge
Involvement in Professional Body Activities Attending meetings, seminars and workshops organised by professional body and reading published material, such as journals and web content. Participation in Professional Activities

Organisational Skill Name and Description

Framework Skill Level
Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

Agile working (content design)

Agile delivery involves encouraging teams to build incrementally, test and iterate their work based on regular feedback and other useful data.

Working Agile working (content design)

You can: demonstrate experience of working in Agile teams, including an awareness of Agile tools and how to use them advise colleagues on how and why Agile methods are used and provide a clear, open and transparent framework in which teams can deliver adapt and reflect and be responsive to feedback see outside of the process

Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

Content concepts and prototyping

Consultancy involves providing specialist advice to address stakeholder and business needs.

Awareness Content concepts and prototyping

You can: show an awareness of prototyping and explain why and when to use it understand how to work in an open and collaborative environment (by pair working, for example)

Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

Stakeholder relationship management (content design)

Stakeholder relationship management involves managing stakeholder requirements and communications throughout a project, while remaining focused on the user needs.

Awareness Stakeholder relationship management (content design)

You can: understand who your stakeholders are, what evidence is relevant to them and the importance of managing relationships with them

Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

Strategic thinking (content design)

Strategy involves creating a plan to achieve a team or organisation's objectives.

Awareness Strategic thinking (content design)

You can: show an awareness of the strategic context of your work and understand why it is important support strategic planning in an administrative capacity

Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

User focus (content design)

User focus involves understanding the user needs to develop a detailed understanding of the problems that need to be solved.

Awareness User focus (content design)

You can: show an awareness or understanding of user experience analysis and its principles see the purpose of user stories and focus on user needs

Government Digital and Data Profession Capability Framework

User-centred content design

Awareness User-centred content design

You can: demonstrate basic but decent editorial standards show an awareness of style standards work well under supervision

Qualification Components

Title Awarding Bodies
FEDIP Associate Practitioner FEDIP - The Federation for Informatics Professionals

The Professional Body Responsible for this job family is BCS. This job role profile was created in collaboration with BCS, using Role Model Plus.

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